You Are Loved Ministries

The " you are loved" ministry is a doll making ministry. The dolls we make get a home in the trunk of a police cruiser and someday into the arms of a child that can use a little comfort. Whether they are the victim of a fire, auto accident or abuse, having a soft dolly to hug can make the experiance a little less frightning for a child. Each time I make a doll I pray that the child who will someday recieve it will know that God loves them and will find kind loving people to help them through what ever is going on in their lives. I pray for their parents and their home as well. Jesus said that the kingsom of heaven belongs to the children and unless we can see heaven as a child sees it we will not enter in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We have just donated 50 dolls with a change of p.j.'s to the polinski center for foster kids. they will go into bags filled with tooth paste, hair brushes etc. for the kids to have something of their own. We have also given 8 dolls to a pregnancy crisis center for the new babies. God keeps on blessing us and never seems to stop suprising me by what he provides. 436 dolls donated and counting!!

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