You Are Loved Ministries

The " you are loved" ministry is a doll making ministry. The dolls we make get a home in the trunk of a police cruiser and someday into the arms of a child that can use a little comfort. Whether they are the victim of a fire, auto accident or abuse, having a soft dolly to hug can make the experiance a little less frightning for a child. Each time I make a doll I pray that the child who will someday recieve it will know that God loves them and will find kind loving people to help them through what ever is going on in their lives. I pray for their parents and their home as well. Jesus said that the kingsom of heaven belongs to the children and unless we can see heaven as a child sees it we will not enter in.

Friday, June 11, 2010

the Ladies from Dorcus Circle are working hard on hats and pajamas for the dolls. Isn't the one in red cute!!!!!

New dolls wearing overalls from Helene and Dress from Elaine. the new Monsters have a cuter face

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  1. Rosemary,
    Bonnie and I went through the Dolls for Julian Oaks Youth Ministries and we are beyond blessed to give these to the campers. I also went to the Morman Church and it would be neat of the Lord opens the door that these ladies can learn to do the PJ's. I will be by the shop to drop off extra clothes. We needed more boy dolls so we are giving some of the clothes back to make more boy clothes. THANKS AGAIN Karen Dorcas Circle